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Published on 25 Nov 2018 / In News & Politics

Joan Shenton interviewed South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki on AIDS. The 25 minutes programme was broadcasted by M-Net all over Africa in April 2000.

The deliberate false Information that HIV/AID$ Denialists from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, Dr Becky Kuhn and her arrogant camera man Eric Krock AID$Videos, Wikipedia famed Scientist Joe Mark Lawson a.k.a. C0nc0rdance, avid atheist,demigod guru xxxThePeachxxx and many other denialists on youtube who promote the fraudulent "HIV" test Kit campaigns and many other scientific myths surrounding Dr Robert C. Gallo's scientific misconduct, International lawsuit with French scientists and his false HIV theories of AID$. Please do your homework and decide for yourself against these political juggernauts of AID$ Beliefism and Gallo Denialism on youtube and elsewhere on the internet.

HIV Test Kits are a potential for Iatrogenic harm and death. Mass Genocide.

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