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Published on 26 Nov 2018 / In Other


VOICED BY: Louise Bates

With car-jackings increasingly common in South Africa, one inventor has created the ultimate deterrent - a flame-thrower.

When it's fitted to the side of a car, the 'blaster' system send out jets of fire to stop any would-be hijackers in their tracks.


0005: The heat is on for South Africa's car thieves.

0007: It looks like a James Bond movie.

0009: But the inventor of the Blaster system, Charles Fourie, believes he's found a way to deal with car-jackers...

0015: SOUNDBITE: (English)
"This car is a coded key pad, or just a key switch on the dashboard. When it's turned it'll show that the system is now armed and ready for activation. Underneath here we have a foot switch; the system will function for as long as you keep it down. And just quickly to explain how it works. When this foot switch is pressed, two things happen. One, a 14-thousand volt spark would appear here in this nozzle, and then you have these four jets here shooting out gas. Liquid gas from the gas bottle in the boot. Liquid gas, as soon as it exits over the spark here, will ignite and a ball of flame will shoot out of both side of the vehicle. Incapacitating the hijackers immediately."

0111: Amazingly perhaps, the system's legal in South Africa -
provided the driver is acting in self defence as depicted in this mock-up.
0020: About 25 vehicles so far have the Blaster, but no one has yet tested the system for real.

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